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Brighton Summer Open Backgammon 2022

The Old Ship Hotel - Brighton Seafront) 11th - 14th August 2022

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The 2021 tournament has just been held under difficult circumstances affected firstly by the ongoing Covid restrictions which delayed people making arrangements and secondly by the Staycationing meaning that accommodation was booked up suddenly after the restrictions finally lifted.

Unfortunately for me, I really should have cancelled the event a few months ago with the ongoing Covid restrictions but took the financial risk to go ahead. I am so grateful to everyone especially to David Nathan for the covert collection of donations from nearly every player which raised £220 to help me with some of the losses. Hopefully I can make back the rest over the next few years 🙂

There were 47 players all from the UK down on the numbers hoped for with over 80 still registered to attend up to two weeks before the event with many just not turning up on the day. In 2019 we had 18 international players attend and obvious none of those could easily come as the whole testing and vaccine passport system is currently too complicated.

The event did however go well and all bar one as far as aware were extremely happy and pleased to be playing live again. Everyone seemed surprised that so many players didn’t attend as we have all be playing online and dying to play live.

Plans are now ahead for 2022. There will again be four packed days of backgammon on offer starting with a Swiss warm-up, Friday Knockout, Main Swiss, Saturday Knockout, Consolation and farewell knockout. It is possible to participate in the daily knockouts if you are unable to commit for the main events.


Tim Parfitt

Event Sponsors

The following companies have sponsored the trophies for some of the individual events.


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World Backgammon Knockout


30 Euro Entry, 1 in 4 chance to win back full entry fee and 1 in 8 chance to win through to further stages with the projected first prize of 12500 euros

(subject to conditions)

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