Breezy Brighton Open

This is a mixed level event combining Masters and Intermediates into the same draw, however for fairness the side pools will be split into Basic and Gold so that weaker players are able to play with, but not simply financing the elite players.


All players are guaranteed to play at least four matches on Saturday.

Prize draw for all those who complete the questionnaire

Brighton Breezy Open

The Old Ship Hotel


Breezy Brighton was held in January 2022 in place of the usually Brighton Breezy, this was to be a one off event to keep Michael Cranes event in the UK Schedule. Michael has now decided that he is going to retire from tournament directing and has asked me to continue his long standing good work.

I am proud to announce that Breezy Brighton will again be held in January 2023. The Dorothy Lee “Dice Fairy” memorial trophy will be annually awarded to the winner.

The event in 2023 had 103 players, 2022 had 60 players competing, hopefully in 2024 we can get this to a full 128 .

The event will again be held at The Old Ship Hotel and have arranged for discounted room rates use code: BRBR??????

1 Night @ £TBC   ]    Single occupancy

2 Nights @ £TBC   ]

3 Nights @ £TBC  ]

Double occupancy rates increase £10 per night

Tel: 01273 329001

Friday 13th January 2023

Will be around all day with fun side events if you get here early.

Hopefully everyone will have registered and paid up beforehand, registration shuts at 6pm.

Warm-up (7 points)

To be a straight knockout with side pools.

Players losing in the first two rounds will be entered into two separate second chance knockouts (5 points) with an added prize of £50 each.

Super Jackpot  to commence at same time as warm-up, 11 point matches. Entry fee £200 (10% rake) with side pools. probably 8 players, maybe 16 to be confirmed. Prize money and pools to be split 65/35

There will be some online qualifiers for the Super Jackpot 8/16 player

Saturday 14th January 2023

Everyone must arrive by 10.30am and already be fully paid up ready to commence, the draw will be announced after any announcements. Penalty points will be imposed after 11.15 and thereafter every 5 minutes until 5 points loses match.

Play starts at 11 am with a Double elimination Main knockout of 9 point matches Clock mandatory (90secs/12secs per point).

Losers in each main round will enter separate second chance knockouts (7 points) combining in final rounds to meet the undefeated finalist. Undefeated finalist will gain a winning bonus as there will only be one final.

As players lose in second chance rounds they will enter a progressive Consolation knockout (5 point matches).

For the first 16 players to lose in the consolation will be an additional knockout “The Pier Trophy” with £100 added prize money.

Enjoy the rest of the day doing what you want or;

Consultation Doubles Evening @ 7.30pm  5 point matches hopefully 3 rounds played in evening with any further round played Sunday. Players may only enter if not playing in other main events

Super Jackpot  Completion of Super Jackpot rounds which commenced on the Friday.

You may not enter Doubles if still in the Super Jackpot or Main event unless you have managed to complete your matches by 7pm Saturday.

Sunday 15th January 2023


10.30 am continuation of both Main / Second Chance and Consolation rounds.

12.00 /1.30 pm Farewell to Brighton knockouts/ will commence with players added as losing in Consolation. There will be possible rebuys in second knockout

Hopefully all matches will be completed by 8 pm but could go on till later.

It would be great if players could hang around Sunday evening for a relaxing drink and maybe some Chouette after the event.



Located centrally in the south Laines of Brighton.

Entry Fees and payout

Registration Fee – £40*

*£5 discount offered on future registration for Brighton Summer Open 2024 in August if attending both events.


Warm up Entry £10 with optional side pools £10, £25, £50

Super Jackpot if enough interest for a draw of 8/16 (10% rake on entry)

Main Double Elimination

Intermediates £25 Entry (with optional side pools £10, £25 and £50)

Masters £50 Entry (with optional side pools £25, £50.£100 and £200)

You may enter as many side pools as you like. Side pools are paid out to the furthest progression in each level. 

Progressive Consolation.

Intermediate Side pools £10 and £20

Masters Side Pools £25 and £50

Main entry fee split:

80% main (Undefeated bonus 10%), 33% Winner, 18% Finalist 9% 3rd, 5% 4ths)

20% Consolation (10% Winner 5% Finalist. 2.5% Semis)

Pier Trophies  £200 added prize fund (first 16 players losing 3x combined)

Consultation Doubles £50 per team with optional side pool £50

Farewell Knockouts.

One First 32 players £200 added, Side pool £10 or £20

Two Remaining 32 players £100 added Side pools £10 or £20 (Rebuys £20)

(players attending just for Sunday can enter £20 entry fee)

Side pools. paid out 65/35% to those progressing furthest in events.

Win a board


There will be a Cocoon Travel-plus board to win during the main events for anyone that wants to enter an additional £5 board pool. The player to progress furthest in the main events who enters the pool will win the board.

There will also be a separate 3 point (32 player) knockouts with rebuys to win:

Cocoon Tournament board. Entry fee £10

A Gunduz Tournament pure wood board Entry fee £15

There maybe additional 32 player knockouts board events on demand