Breezy Brighton Backgammon




Prize draw for all those who complete the questionnaire

Brighton Breezy Open


The Old Ship Hotel


Breezy Brighton was held in January 2022 in place of the usually Brighton Breezy, this was to be a one off event to keep Michael Cranes event in the UK Schedule. Michael has now decided that he is going to retire from tournament directing and has asked me to continue his long standing good work.

I am proud to announce that Breezy Brighton will again be held in January 2023. The Dorothy Lee “Dice Fairy” memorial trophy will be annually awarded to the winner.

The event in 2022 had 60 players competing, hopefully in 2023 we can get this back closer to the hay day numbers in excess of 100.

The event will again be held at The Old Ship Hotel and have arranged for discounted room rates use code: BRBR130123

1 Night @ £105   ]    Double occupancy

2 Nights @ 170   ]   £10 per night extra

3 Nights @ £240  ]   Tel: 01273 329001

Format and Schedule

Friday 13th January 2023


Will be around all day with fun side events if you get here early.

Hopefully everyone will have registered and paid up beforehand, registration shuts at 6pm.

Warm-up starts following welcome speech at 7 pm, will be a 5/6 round (Swiss with 2 lives) 5 point matches. Three rounds to be played in the evening and any further rounds over the rest of the weekend.

The undefeated player will win 60% with the remaining 40% shared between those on 1 loss or lucky Bye. If more than 1 undefeated player the prize fund will be split between them.

Super Jackpot  to commence at same time, 11 point matches entry fee to be agreed with possible side pools. probably 8 players, maybe 16 to be confirmed. 70/30

Saturday 14th January 2023


Starting playing at 11 am will be a 5 round (Swiss with 3 lives) 7 point matches. 4 wins auto qualify, 3 wins (draw / playoffs) for last 16.

All players will secretly choose one of two options before tournament starts to deal with playoffs, either name drawn from hat or 3 point playoffs. Even number will be taken from each choice. See below for full details

Enjoy the rest of the day doing what you want or;

Consultation Doubles Evening @ 8.00 pm  5 point matches hopefully 3 rounds played in evening with any further round played Sunday.

Super Jackpot  Evening @ 8.00 pm 13 point matches entry fee to be agreed with possible side pools. probably 8 players, maybe 16 to be confirmed. 70/30 split , two rounds to be played in the evening and remainder to be played on Sunday. If enough interest for Super Jackpot to commence on Friday evening at same time as warm up then final rounds could be on Saturday evening.

Sunday 15th January 2023


10.30 am start last 16 knockout 9 point early rounds with 11 point Final

First round losers will join Consolation/ Second round losers will join in the Last chance.

11.00 am start Consolation 5 point matches with 7 point final.

2.30 pm Start of Last chance for all those out of main and Consolation by start time. Spaces may be allocated for completing matches only.

Hopefully all matches will be completed by 6 pm but could go on till later.

It would be great if players could hang around Sunday evening for a relaxing drink and some Chouette after the event.





Located centrally in the south Laines of Brighton.

Play-off / Hat draw details

Players will choose before first round which format they wish to be included in, if final places in last 16 (or 32) knockout draw need to be filled from those who have won only 3 matches. Depending on how many players required this will be:

One – Single player drawn simply from those names in the Hat.

Two – 1 place from Hat, 1 place from play-off knockout.

Three – 1 place from Hat, 2 places from play-off knockout.

Four – 2 from each

Five – 3 from Hat, 2 from play-offs

Six – 3 from Each

Seven – 3 from Hat, 4 from Play-offs

Eight – 4 from each

Nine – 5 from Hat, 4 from Play-offs

Ten – 5 from each

continuing in same alternating system for larger numbers

Entry Fees and payout


Registration Fee – £40*


*£10 discount offered on registration for Brighton Summer Open 2023 in August if attending both events.



Warm up Entry £10 with optional side pools £10, £25, £50

Super Jackpot if enough interest for a draw of (5% rake on entry)

Main Swiss Entry £25 with optional side pools £10, £25, £50 and £100

You may enter either One or Two (adjacent) side pools only.

Consultation Doubles £40 per team with optional side pool £20

Consolation Knockout. Free entry if in main event / One day visitors £20 Entry plus £10 Registration. With Side pools £10 and £25

Last Chance Knockout. Free entry for those out of other events. Side pool £10

Main entry fee split:

80% main (45% Winner, 20% Finalist 7.5% Semis)

13% Consolation (8% Winner 5% Finalist)

7% last chance (5% Winner 2% Finalist)

Side pools

paid out 70/30% to those progressing furthest in events.

Win a board


There will be a sponsored board to win during the main event for anyone that wants to enter an additional £5 board pool. The player to progress furthest in the event who enters the pool will win a Gunduz board from Turkey.

There will be a few additional prizes in a raffle draw for those that enter this pool.

Copies of the new book available to buy @ £40 per copy and two to be won as prizes.