All flights

Registration for the tournament will be starting in November once website is up and running.

There will be a £5 discount for all participants who pay main flight registration before the 1st March 2019

An additional £5 discount will be given to all those players who participated in the 2018 event as a show of gratitude.

The above discounts refer to the main flight registrations only. All side events will be entered at the tournament. Capping refers to total of individual events per player.

Anyone who registers late after 1st August 2019 or at the tournament will have to pay an additional £5 fee.

All those who pay main registration before 1st March 2019 will also have total Reg fees incl side events capped at £85 (Excluding rebuys).

Masters + Warm-up + Farewell + Speedgammon + Flashgammon + Doubles (each) + Super J = (£120 reg)

Plus you will also get a free £10 casino bet on arrival, Usage terms applied.


You can pay registration and entry fees via the paypal link below, or by bank transfer and Transferwise, ask for details

Register Here