The Brighton Grosvenor Casino

Located on the seafront close to the pier and lots of Hotels, Restaurants and Bars.

The tournament will be held in the Casino and there will be food and drinks available 24 hours a day. The Casino are looking at discount rates for participants, these will be published at a latter date.

There will be a free welcome buffet on the Thursday evening for those who are in attendance.

Free bets will be offered to participants, those that pay registration by 1st March 2019 will get a £10 bet, those who register after that date will get a £5 bet. Terms of use will be applied.

For details on the casino


Spread the love of the game

I want participants to be able to enjoy the summer in Brighton and therefore suggest that some players may want to get out to the beach and play rather than be indoors. If players can mutually agree to get outside there are plenty of bars and even sit on the pebbles and play in the sun.

I will be looking at setting something up just across the road.