Brighton Summer Open


Masters Basic Entry £50 – Gold entry £250 (plus Registration £50)

the only difference is the Gold entry includes a £200 side pool,

everything else is combined.


Intermediates Basic Entry £30 (plus registration £45) 

Brighton Summer Open

8th – 11th August 2024


The 6th Brighton Summer Open will be taking place between 8th – 11th August 2024 and hopefully all the problems of the past years that have affected plans and numbers attending will be far behind us all.

The 2023 event was successful and a fun time was had by all with 82 out of 98 registered players turned up, a number had cancelled but many just didn’t attend which was disappointing. 15 International players attended just under the 18 who attended in 2019. Brighton is a truly international event.

Hopefully 2024 will attract many more players we will just have to wait and see

Brighton is one of the most attractive locations in the UK for International players, a cosmopolitan seaside resort close to London and with Gatwick Airport conveniently only 30 minutes away by train. With hundreds of exceptional restaurants serving food from every part of the world and a wide variety of places to stay the event should not be missed

Come and join us in the future, come for longer and bring the family there is plenty for them to do whilst you play backgammon.

The Old Ship Hotel –

Booking reference GAMM070824


Single Occupancy rates

2 nights @ £185 per night

3 nights @ £145 per night

4/5 nights @ £135 per night

£10 per night extra for Twin or Double Occupancy

Format and Schedule


The schedule below is shown for a up to 80 Masters main draw. Intermediate will probably be a up to 64 draw.

Live Streaming


There will hopefully be live streaming of a chosen match in each round, unfortunately we didn’t manage to get it going in 2023

Please subscribe to the channel

Win a board

There will be a three boards to win in separate side events with possible multiple entries (32 entries) 3 point matches.  Starting on Thursday and progressing over the weekend. Additional boards may be on offer subject to demand.

Gunduz Board £15 per entry

Artgammon Board £15 per entry

Cocoon Board £15 per entry