The following schedule is subject to change as necessary at the discretion of the tournament organisers and all players must adhere to the schedule and those changes that maybe imposed. Any disruption to the schedule by individual players may result in penalties or reduced match lengths and clock times.

Thursday 20th August 2020


11.00       Registration opens for all events

12.00      Satellites 4/8 players for Masters / Intermediate

.                Speedgammon and Flashgammon 8s and 8 player Jackpots

17.00       Registration for Warm-up and Super Jackpot closes for draw.

You can register for warm up or Super Jackpot in advance if you are turning up in Evening.

18.00       Welcome Buffet (included in registrations).

19.00       Warm-up and Super Jackpot commence first two rounds.


Friday 21st August 2020.


10.00       Registration opens.

11.00       Warm-up and Super Jackpot resumes

.                Satellites 4/8 players for Masters / Intermediate

.                Speedgammon and Flashgammon 8s and 8 player Jackpots

16.00     Registrations end for Masters and Intermediate draws

If you have not prepaid by this time and arrive late you will not be included in draw.

18.00      Dinner Break (1 1/2 hour) Buffet or meals can be pre-ordered.

Group Auctions for Masters players only

19.30      Masters  / Intermediate knockouts commence. Round 1

21.30      Commence Round 2 and fighters round 1 as soon as ready.


Saturday 22nd August 2020


09.30 – 11.00 Slot for special event

11.00        Registration for beginners ends for group draw.

         Registration for doubles.

11.00       Play resumes undefeated Round 3 and fighters round 2

.                Beginners round robin groups commence

12.30       Fighters round 3

14.00       Michi Raffle Draw for doubles partner

13.30      Round 4

14.00       Fighters round 4

16.00       Fighters round 5

16.30       Round 5

17.30       Fighters round 6

         Draw for doubles and commence first round. (1 player of each team must be out of main events and may have to play alone)

19.30    Dinner Break (1 1/2 hours)

21.00      Play resumes Fighters round 7

21.00      Doubles commences round 1 with round 2 following as soon as finished.


Sunday 23rd August 2020


10.00      Michi “Endgame Techniques” Seminar and Quiz

11.00       Play resumes Undefeated round 6 and Fighters round 8.

.               Speedgammon, Flashgammon, Doubles and Jackpots.

12.00      Farewell to Brighton knockout  (only for those not still in other events).

12.30     Fighters round 9.

14.00     Fighters round 10

16.00     Main Finals.

18.30     Or not to much later hopefully, Final presentation of trophies.

After Drinks and food somewhere whoever is still around.