***Main flight registrations will be increased by £5 for last minute entries after 1st August 2021)

Registrations for all events close 2 hours before official draw times scheduled so please register for all events in advance where possible.

Masters and Intermediate basic Entry and registration has been reduced to encourage increased entrants, in place there will be a 5% rake on side pools for these two main events only to help cover admin costs.

Players may enter as many of the side pools as they wish, Payout only for side pools entered 55% / 30% / 15% furthest progression in elimination flights.

Payout for Masters/Intermediate 5 places.

Payout for all other events and side pools will be 70% / 30%

Additional Prize money / prizes to be announced dependent on Sponsorship

Backgammon Tournament Format

The Tournament is to be over 4 days from August 2021 @ The Old Ship Hotel, Brighton.

There will be a number of different parts of the tournament held over the 4 days using a number of different formats. The main events will be over the Friday, Saturday and Sunday and split into 3 different levels to encourage participation for everyone who wants to play.

The rules of the tournament will be as per UKBGF rules of play and etiquette with the one exception:

Baffle boxes may be used by one or both players. Where a player does not wish to use a baffle box he/she will roll dice using cup as standard. Baffle box use does not require use of a cup, dice can be dropped directly into baffle box. 

For blind players the use of a random dice generator app will be used as long as approved by TD.

Main categories.


Anyone can enter this level primarily aimed at the top UK and international players.

  • Matches will be played to 11 points in main rounds
  • Fighters rounds will be played to 7 points
  • Final will be played to 11/13  points with a second chance final of 9 points if required.

(Clock allowance 2 mins/point + 12 sec delay)

The format will be a double elimination with a main straight knockout down to last undefeated.  The undefeated player will get a 5% Bonus from the prize fund.

Losers in the main rounds will enter a progressive fighter’s knockout to one qualifier.

Undefeated will have to be beaten twice by fighter in two finals if necessary.

6 places payout – 1st 35%, 2nd 17%, 3rd 9%, 4th 7%, 5th’s 5% (excluding bonus)

There will be additional side pools available the winners of each will be the players who progresses furthest in the tournament 55% / 30% / 15%.

There will be a limited Consolation only for those knocked out in the first 7 rounds of the fighters brackets. 1st 12%, 2nd 5% of prize pool. Additional side pools will be available.


This level of entry is aimed at Intermediate players only.

Tournament Ruling is that players in this flight must have a rating of less than 1650 as of 1st July 2020. If higher than that you must play in the Masters event.
The format of this category will be the same as for the Masters.

  • Matches will be played to 11 points in main rounds
  • Fighters rounds will be played to 7 points
  • Final will be played to 13 points with a second chance final of 9 points if required.

(Clock allowance 2 mins/point + 12 sec delay)


This level of entry is aimed at those that have limited experience in playing.
This category will be played without the doubling cube.
Matches will be played in “Round Robin” format. Matches will be played to 3 points.
Winner takes all.

Additional Side Events.

Over the 4 days of the tournament there will be a number of additional side events. These are open to everyone and therefore beginners could end up playing the best players in the world (if they turn up).


There will be a number of 4 / 8 player qualifiers for main events.

These will be available subject to interest for those that have already entered the Masters and Intermediate categories. The straight knockout will win back the Entry fee and Registration already paid.

There will also be online qualifiers commencing in April 2021 to be played on  Heroes Backgammon Studio 


Taking the strain off schedule, as offered at other tournaments we will be offering Stop-Pots cutting waiting by getting players head to head right away.

Players can enter at any level you are comfortable with, £5, £10 and £20 are played to 5 points, £40, £80 and £160 to 7 points.

Say that you enter at £10, we call for an opponent, to go right away, you each pay £10, the winner can either continue to play at £20 level, and we announce for an opponent, or cash out and take the £20 (-10% reg) and go do something else. You can re-enter again later at any level. 

The loser of a match is out and will have to pay a new entry to play again


Drawn in 8’s. Entry £20 / £10 Registration (Re-buys no Reg)

Speedgammon will be played (on clock obviously) to 5 points as a straight knockout. (Clock allowance 2 mins + 10 sec delay)

Players may enter the Speedgammon event as many times as they like during the first round. Draw positions will be determined by rolling of 8 sided dice.

Groups of 8’s will be played to a qualifier, who will receive 25%, Finalist will win back 12.5% and 62.5% balance will go to final combined knockout of all groups.  Overall winner and finalist will share prize pot 70%/30% split.


Drawn in 8’s. Entry £10 / Registration £5 (Re-buys no Reg)

Flashgammon is the same as Speedgammon other than the available clock time. (Clock allowance 1 mins + 7 sec delay)

Details as for Speedgammon


Played as a straight knockout commencing on Thursday evening and completed over the weekend.

All matches will be played to 5 or 7 points.

Prize money 70% / 30% split.

Super Jackpot

The super Jackpot is for the high rollers and will be played at the same time as the Warm-up.

(Clock allowance 2 mins/point + 12 sec delay)

Matches will be played to 11 / 13 points in a straight knockout with the winner and finalist sharing the prize money 70%/30% split. Same split for side pools


Consulting Doubles straight knockout (Clock allowance 2.5 mins/point + 15 sec delay)

Played over 5 / 7 point matches, two players per team are able to discuss moves and cube decisions. A single player is allowed to enter the doubles as some players prefer the challenge.

Only one player from each pair should roll the dice and touch the checkers, during each game usually swapping positions each game if loss, although this is not mandatory.

Winners and Finalists will share prize pot 70%/30% split.


Sunday straight knockout open to everyone remaining who is not tied up playing in other events and anyone who just wants to attend on the Sunday.

Played to 5 / 7 points, random draw

Winner and finalist sharing the prize pot 70% / 30% split.

DMP 64 Knockout Freeroll

1 point knockout free entry (£2 re-buys proceeds to charity)

All money to charity – £50 to the winner.

Win a board for Charity


A tournament board produced by Gunduz, Turkey will be given to winner (value £400) All profits from event will go to event charity.

Starting on the Thursday there will be a 64 entry draw progressing as 8 player groups in round 1, players may enter as many times as they like as long as life lost until 64 places taken. First entry £10 subsequent entries £15. Subsequent round pairings will be drawn as soon as 8 players progressed.

Side-by-Side Backgammon


Have you ever played the game sitting next to your opponent on a board with 24 points in a row? Confusing and mind-bending but its exactly the same game. £5 entry to charity in groups of 8. Winner receives £50







Raystede Animal Charity


Will be the recipient of profits from these events

There will be other events during the 4 days of the tournament subject to interest including but not limited to:



This will no doubt pop up all over the venue, some will be closed to cliques, but if you are interested in taking part we will get some lists up to group people together.  Hopefully from £1 per point to get everyone involved, these will not be part of the tournament and will be self organised. Players in tournaments will be expected to play matches not Chouette.



Texas Holdem Poker £50 entry (10% to charity) as long as at least 8 players interested.

Please note that all tournament events will be played to UKBGF / WBGF rules and any disputes will be adjudicated by the directors or selected tournament committee.  Penalty points will be imposed at the discretion of director where applicable for players not turning up for matches as scheduled. Does not apply to Round Robin groups, if a player does not complete all matches those not completed will be scored a 1-0 win.

All details subject to change at time of tournament including match lengths and clock times.